Upcoming Events

Beauty From Within Facial Rejuvenation Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF)

A Complimentary talk Wednesday, February 13 at 7pm

A natural beauty treatment for you! For the treatment of signs of aging by regenerating collagen and elastin using your own highly concentrated platelet rich plasma. Learn about a natural alternative to Botox, RSVP today.

Thermography Appointments

Sunday, February 24

Mountainview Wellness Centre will be hosting thermography screening appointments. There are three types of screening available:

- Breast

- Cranial/Dental/Thyroid

- A Combination of Breast and Cranial/Dental/Thyroid

Thermographies detect changes of tissue function, using thermal imaging to detecting potential inflamation or infection of tissues, which can assist in monitoring breast, thyroid, and dental health. They are painless and radiation-free, and good for all ages. To book your appointment or for more information, please email office@mvwc.ca or call us at 604-538-8837.

Hours for the New Year (Starting Wednesday January 2, 2019):

Monday: 9am - 5pm

Tuesday to Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 9am - 1pm

Sunday & Holidays: Closed

Closure Dates:

Mountainview Wellness Centre will be closed for Family day on Monday, February 18, 2019. We will resume our regular hours on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.