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"My hair has become thicker and more lush and I am already due for a haircut as it is growing wild!  I have to say that my scalp has not itched or flaked since the treatment and this is the best thing that has happened to me for over a number of years. You're treatment is fantastic and amazing!"


Hair Rejuvenation CGF 

Now Available at Mountainview Wellness Centre

Hair Rejuvenation CGF is a revolutionary cell-based treatment that helps to stabilize and reverse hair loss. Hair Rejuvenation CGF works to thicken hair in people who have experienced hair loss from inherited predispositions or medical reasons. Hair Rejuvenation CGF is uses biomaterials sourced from a patient's own blood to stimulate hair follicles. This natural  therapy is not only safe, it is also effective in encouraging hair follicles to return to a state of active growth.

What is Hair Rejuvenation CGF?

The CGF in Hair Rejuvenation CGF is short for Concentrated Growth Factors. Hair Rejuvenation CGF uses the growth factors found in specific cells of our blood called platelets. Platelet cells are mainly responsible for the healing of damaged tissue. When an injury occurs, platelets will stop the loss of blood and start to release growth factors to begin the tissue mending process and promote the growth of functional tissue.

How Does CGF Results Compare to Other Methods?

CGF Therapy represents the next generation of platelet rich plasma hair rejuvenation therapy. Recent developments in cell harvesting have allowed CGF therapies to improve on existing cell-based hair rejuvenation therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP hair rejuvenation has already been proven effective in patients with androgenic alopecia where treatment with minoxidil and finasteride had failed. Hair Rejuvenation CGF further improves upon the effect of PRP in adrogenic allopecia and other types of hair loss.

How Long Do Results Last?

The Mountainview Wellness Centre CGF Hair Rejuvenation program takes a holistic approach addressing the underlying cause of hair loss in the first place which medically maximizes the results. Benefits can last months and even years before more treatments are needed.

How is Hair Rejuvenation CGF Performed?

Hair Rejuvenation CGF begins with a consultation with one of our naturopathic doctors. At that consultation, the doctor will help you determine the cause of your hair loss and address any underlying issues from a holistic standpoint.  On the day of your treatments you will be asked to refrain from consuming fatty or oily foods. Hair Rejuvenation CGF treatments begin with a small blood draw. While your CGF and Platelet Rich Plasma are being processed, photos of your scalp will be taken and an anesthetic cream may be applied. Once the CGF is ready, you will be brought to a treatment room where the product will be injected over a span of 20 minutes using a special technique that enhances the effect of the hair restoration.

A series of four to six procedures that are spaced one month apart may be recommended to optimize hair restoration. As hair follicles return to an active growing phase, results will continue occur over three to six months time.

Are there any side effects?

Hair Rejuvenation CGF therapy is very safe and there is no downtime.  Occasionally, minor bruising does occur. Please let your doctor know if you suffer or have suffered from acne in the past as re-aggravation of acne can be avoided or minimized.

How much does it cost?

Please call us for current pricing at 604-538-8837. For details of coverage with your extended medical plan, contact your health insurance provider prior to your first appointment.

How do I begin?

Simply call our office at 604-538-8837 to book a 45 minute consult. Please bring any relevant medical information such as recent blood work or medical reports.