hcPRP Prolozone For Osteoarthritis of the Knee

By Dr. Caleb Ng, ND


In a quest to continually improve upon the existing model, I am always interested in anything that can complement or radically change what I am doing for my chronic pain patients. Several years ago, I learned a technique called Prolozone by the doctor that pioneered the therapy, Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD. I soon discovered that this therapy was not just something to complement my existing treatments, but a game changer in managing and treating patients with osteoarthritis.


Prolozone is a treatment that incorporates the regenerative properties of traditional prolotherapy; the healing properties of medical grade ozone, oxygen and nutrients; and the pain relief of homeopathics, anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications. In severe cases or when indicated, the addition of highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma (hcPRP, discussed below) greatly enhances treatment of osteoarthritic knees.


For decades, traditional prolotherapy used dextrose solutions to stimulate regeneration of ligaments and tendons. Although I found prolotherapy to be a significant improvement over acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain, there were some limitations as patients would often experience discomfort during and after conventional prolotherapy and pain in areas that traditional prolotherapy could not address.


Prolozone is a very comfortable treatment which has allowed me to fully treat an affected knee joint or painful area. Not only is the treatment well tolerated, it provides immediate pain relief. Moreover, results seemed to be achieved faster and last longer than prolotherapy alone.


The use of medical ozone as a regenerative agent is not new. There are several studies that have come out of Europe involving thousands of patients with disc herniations treated with ozone and the evidence suggests faster recovery times and reduced number of surgeries. Currently, there is a trial underway at Vancouver General Hospital for the use of ozone in the treatment of disc herniations.


hcPRP utilizes the patient’s own blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets to enhance tissue repair. Our platelets are cells in our blood that are mainly responsible for wound repair. They are rich in growth factors and signaling molecules that stimulate healing of bone, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Platelet-rich plasma has been used for over twenty years in various medical applications including dental procedures and burn victims, and has a growing body of evidence for the use in orthopedic medicine. hcPRP improves on the benefits of platelet-rich plasma by concentrating these growth factors and signaling molecules by as much as 300% over conventional platlet-rich plasma.


Combining hcPRP with prolozone has considerably improved the way I help my patients with managing and repairing osteoarthritis of the knee. Over the last three years I have seen osteoarthritic knees respond very well to hcPRP prolozone and have seen several cases where a conventional platelet-rich plasma treatment has not yielded benefit while a hcPRP prolozone treatment in the same joint did.


If you are suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee I encourage you to book an appointment for a consultation to discuss how this procedure can benefit you. For appointments please call 604.538.8837.