Allergy & Sensitivity Testing

Blood Draw Tests:

Combo E-95 & A 95 Panels

190 Different Allergens Foods and Spices, IgG/E

E-95 Basic Food Panel

95 common food allergens, IgG/E

A-95 Basic Extended Food Panel

95 food allergens, IgG/E

Inhalant Panel

36 Regional air born allergens

Combo Food & Inhalant Panel

190 Different Allergens Foods and Spices, IgG/E and 36 regional inhalants

Celiac/Gluten Sensitivity Panel 1 + Panel 2

Tests Gluten/Gliadin IgG, Gliadin IgA, Transglutaminase IgA, Wheat IgE

Standard IgG 48 Herbs and Spices

Tests 48 Herbs and Spices

Finger Prick Tests:

Food Safe Bloodspot Panel

Most commonly used for children

Standard IgG Test Plus Candida

Tests 96 different Allergens and Candida. (Most commonly used for children)

Standard IgE 95 Vegetarian

Tests 95 different vegetarian foods